Advanced reports made easy

Reflexx is an online service providing you with an easy-to-use, custom reporting tool that doesn't require a degree in computer science to give you advanced results.

With Reflexx, every level of your organization, from core staff to board members, can easily produce the reports needed for informed decision making. As an added benefit, you won't need an IT staff to support it because it is all web based.

Current Features

Report Setup

  • Multiple Report Types: Choose from multiple data sets to build your report
  • Quick Picks: Find the variables you need easily with category groups
  • Variables: Add multiple variables to a report at once; remove and edit individually for fine-tuned control
  • Filters: Narrow in on critical time periods and limit output to particular responses

Report View

  • Grid: See your report data on-screen in a flat table format — filter and sort rows, rearrange and resize columns, format cells, and more
  • Crosstabs: Dive deeper with flexible pivot tables — compare responses for two or more variables to identify patterns and correlations
  • Charts: Visualize your data with single or stacked bar and column charts, pie charts, line graphs, and scatter plots

Report Export

  • From Report View: Select from several file types and download directly from Report View — you can even capture images of charts
  • From Report Setup: Choose a raw data export, or a Counts Report showing totals for each recorded response
  • Background Generation: Reports exported from Report Setup generate in the background and accumulate in a download queue, leaving you free to complete other tasks

Report Management

  • Save: Return to your saved setups; edit and run them as often as you need
  • Copy: Duplicate saved report setups as many times as you want and manipulate the copies as needed — helpful for creating multiple similar reports
  • Share: Jurisdiction Administrators can send report setups directly to other users so they can start running reports without having to build them — convenient for quality assurance and data cross-checks
  • View Other Users' Reports: Jurisdiction Administrators can view other users' reports in the jurisdiction — useful for troubleshooting and setup assistance