Careers at Luther Consulting

System Quality and Testing Associate

As a full-time System Quality and Testing Associate, you will help ensure that our software meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. You will work closely with the quality assurance team, software engineers, interface designers, and technical support staff to understand what each of our software products is meant to do, its key features, and who will use it. Then you will run functional, customer-scenario, stress, usability, and performance tests to confirm that the software is ready for use by our customers. Your goal is to improve the quality of our products by identifying, documenting, and helping to resolve any bugs, and ultimately to make our customers very, very happy.

We want to work with someone who...

  • Thinks systemically—understands how individual parts connect and interact within a larger whole
  • Finds a path forward—ability to imagine, implement, and evaluate possible solutions to challenging problems
  • Attends to details—ability to accomplish tasks thoroughly, accurately, and repetitively
  • Demonstrates good judgment—thinks before acting and speaking, considers the possible consequences of decisions, and leverages resources to make good decisions
  • Eagerly learns new things—seeks out and engages with new ideas, tools and skills
  • Prioritizes work to accomplish highest value tasks first, managing one’s time accordingly
  • Capably navigates common software and online applications
  • Comfortably works remotely and on a dispersed team

We highly value...

  • Experience with a not-for-profit social services organization or with a local, state, or federal government agency
  • Experience with a software coding language, SQL, or HTML. This would be helpful, but is not required as long as you enjoy learning new things

On a typical day, you will...

  • Collaborate with teammates to implement new software features and resolve bugs
  • Review requirements, specifications, and customer expectations to determine expected software behaviors
  • Create and execute tests based on expected software behaviors
  • Identify and document high risk or high value features for testing
  • Test system updates to prepare the system for use by customers
  • Uncover, analyze and document problematic software behavior, output, screens, or content
  • Document software defects, using a bug tracking system, and clearly communicate a step-by-step process for software developers to understand and recreate the defects
  • Create test scripts using various software testing tools and coding languages
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