EvaluationWeb® Version 7

The simple solution to data collection and reporting

EvaluationWeb® Version 7 is an updated software package that will make your HIV Testing data collection and reporting experience simple and straightforward. Whether you enter data directly through the user interface or import your data via XML or CSV upload, we are prepared with meticulous data validation that will guide you through the process. You can also find thorough Help and Training documents, or speak with live Technical Support Specialists.

We also offer the option of a Partner Services case management module, which organizes the layers of data collection into one cohesive process to help you fill in the blanks between testing and Partner Services. No more having to re-key information from an HIV test for Partner Services — now you can link tests to a named client record for conducting Partner Services activities.

Safe and secure


EvaluationWeb complies with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Data Security and Confidentiality Guidelines. With multiple access levels and flexible permissions, you can control which data is off-limits to anyone other than whom you specify — even when multiple agencies collaborate. Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise also includes extensive security features like fine-grained auditing, transparent database encryption, and regular backups to ensure your data remains intact. EvaluationWeb is also compliant with NIST Special Publication 800-53 (moderate). We also go a step further and have an independent SOC 2® Type 2 Security Compliance audit on an annual basis.


We offer a limited number of customizations to each jurisdiction to give you flexibility in data collection. If you want to take EvaluationWeb and your unique needs to the next level, Aphirm® provides name-based HIV testing with linking to Partner Services, which allows you to reduce duplicate data entry and focus on a client's continuum of care. You can also mix and match specialized modules and more. Click here to learn more about Aphirm!

Please note that features found in Aphirm may require a contract modification or a separate contract.

Available features

HIV Testing

  • Enter HIV Testing Events directly through an easy-to-use interface
  • Inline validation messages make it simple to meet CDC requirements and ensure data quality
  • Visibility logic shows you only the fields relevant to selections you've made

HIV Partner Services

  • Link positive HIV Testing events to Index case records
  • View client networks between Index and related Partners
  • Record client sessions, tests, risks, and disposition, all in compliance with CDC requirements


  • Import HIV Testing, Partner Services, and Agency data to EvaluationWeb with XML, CSV, or Excel
  • Find upload schemas and sample files in our extensive Help and Training documentation
  • Receive comprehensive File Process Reports that indicate errors or warnings that might affect data quality


  • Access the latest CDC Data Quality Assurance Reports, Data Tables, Funding Allocation, and other administrative reports
  • Build custom reports with Reflexx, which you can save, share, and run anytime
  • Download popular, pre-formatted EvaluationWeb reports as PDFs, or export raw data as a CSV that you can open in Excel