EvaluationWeb® Version 7

The simple solution to data collection and reporting

EvaluationWeb® Version 7 is an updated software package that will make your HIV Testing data collection and reporting experience simple and straightforward. Whether you enter data directly through the user interface or import your data via XML or CSV upload, we are prepared with meticulous data validation that will guide you through the process. You can also find thorough Help and Training documents, or speak with live Technical Support Specialists.

We also offer the option of a Partner Services case management module, which organizes the layers of data collection into one cohesive process to help you fill in the blanks between testing and Partner Services. No more having to re-key information from an HIV test for Partner Services — now you can link tests to a named client record for conducting Partner Services activities.

If you want to take EvaluationWeb to the next level, Aphirm® offers name-based HIV testing with linking to Partner Services, allowing you to conduct named HIV (and other STD) testing, reduce duplicate data entry, and de-duplicate your data. We can also customize Aphirm for your needs with specialized modules and more. Click here to learn more about Aphirm.

Please note that features found in Aphirm may require a contract modification or a separate contract.


Upload data to EvaluationWeb with XML, CSV, or Excel


Download pre-formatted EvaluationWeb reports as PDF, or export raw data as a CSV that you can open in Excel

User Group

We host monthly user group sessions to demonstrate the latest features, present news and updates, and gather feedback on our product. These sessions typically last between ½ and 1 hour, and there's no obligation to provide anything other than your time and an open mind.

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