A new approach to public health data collection

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Aphirm® is a client-centered, name-based public health software system that consolidates disparate data sets into one centralized location. With Aphirm, the complexity of disease surveillance is shaped into form and function that's easy to learn. We’ve organized data collection and submission into one cohesive process, which helps you fill in the blanks of disease testing, partner services, and case management. The result? A richly textured picture of each client’s history and risk factors.

Modern technology

Powerful performance

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Aphirm is driven by Microsoft® SQL Server Enterprise, a powerful and well-supported database management system. It provides secure data storage and delivery, data visualization and reporting, real-time operational analytics, and much more. This allows you to focus on innovative reporting and research, rather than worry about the integrity of your data.

Accessible and convenient

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Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, Aphirm can detect and respond to whatever you’re using. HTML5 and JavaScript provide dependable performance across all types and sizes of devices. This makes for a convenient, optimized experience, no matter where you are or what you need to accomplish. Importing files, entering data, loading reports — all simple to do and consistently accessible!

Safe and secure


We understand how critical it is to maintain confidentiality when it comes to name-based data collection. Aphirm complies with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Data Security and Confidentiality Guidelines. With multiple access levels and flexible permissions, you can control which data is off-limits to anyone other than whom you specify — even when multiple agencies collaborate. Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise also includes extensive security features like fine-grained auditing, transparent database encryption, and regular backups to ensure your data remains intact.

Aphirm is also compliant with NIST Special Publication 800-53 (moderate). We also go a step further and have an independent SOC 2® Type 2 Security Compliance audit on an annual basis.

Simple data management

With Aphirm, you don't need to worry about uploading your data — we take care of that for you! Not only do we handle importing your data into Aphirm, we also package and ship all the required information to the CDC twice per year. When you want to run your own reports, you have plenty of options. Aphirm includes Reflexx (our custom report builder) and bulk data exports that output CSV files you can open in Excel and analyze freely. You can also select from popular, pre-formatted reports that download as PDFs.

Live support and training

We provide thorough Help and Training documentation to guide you through Aphirm, or you can speak with our knowledgable Technical Support Specialists. We also offer on-site or remote training to get you up and running whenever you're ready to launch, and can host sessions as needed to provide individualized tips and tricks for a particular module. Whatever you need, we're here to help you!

Available modules

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Because of the flexibility of the platform on which it is built, Aphirm not only provides the features of EvaluationWeb® and PartnerServicesWeb®, it also allows for your choice of additional modules that work together to handle data for multiple disease types and services.

Name-Based HIV Testing

  • Add multiple HIV testing events to a single client
  • Record demographic information
  • Attach multiple locations and contact methods, including social media handles and dating app usernames

HIV Partner Services

  • Link positive HIV Testing events to Index case records
  • View client networks between Index and related Partners, and see if they've used internet dating apps to find relationships
  • Record client sessions, tests, risks, and disposition, all in compliance with CDC requirements

STD Partner Services

  • Review Electronic Lab Records (ELRs) imported automatically into Aphirm via secure HL7 transmission
  • Attach imported ELR files directly to client cases
  • Record multiple STD tests and conditions for Index and Partner clients

Hepatitis C

  • Record appointment outcomes, test results, and treatments related to HCV care
  • Follow encounters and interventions with the client
  • Track patient referrals and communication with providers


  • Track visits, navigation sessions, and referral sources
  • Follow PrEP adherence, barriers to access, and transmission risks
  • Record health insurance plan and prescription information

Future possibilities

We're always envisioning new specialized modules. Do you have ideas to share? You can contact us directly and share your thoughts, or join our User Group to help us develop new modules!

  • Schedule client appointments and manage provider referrals
  • Stay in touch with clients via secure text message
  • Record locations of drug use hotspots using geolocation
  • Insert your idea here!