Luther Consulting, LLC was founded in 1998 by Dr. James B. Luther. The company grew out of Dr. Luther's increasing interest in the use of technology for research and program evaluation. Luther Consulting pioneered web-based data collection and reporting for the public health industry through the creation of EvaluationWeb®.

Today, the company and its products have grown and become versatile enough to collect and report on almost any type of data.

Mission Statement

Luther Consulting, LLC is committed to helping build a better society for present and future generations. Our mission is to develop software used to improve the human condition through public health, social service and health education interventions. We provide software and services that help our customers prevent the spread of disease, drug use and abuse, and homelessness, as well as promote social justice for youth, the economically disadvantaged, gay and lesbian people, and other underrepresented populations.

We develop software to collect program research data to help policymakers and practitioners make well-informed policy and program decisions that will improve health outcomes, increase economic opportunities, and ensure justice for all people. We want to effect positive changes in our society and in our world, especially for low-income, low-achieving, and underrepresented populations.