Luther Consulting, LLC

Web-based public health software systems

We do the hard work to make your life easier. Our systems are simple, yet robust enough to give you all the tools you need, when you need them.


This modular and client-centered system is the next generation of PartnerServicesWeb®. It enables you to focus on a client's history across multiple diseases and services, including HIV, Hep C, and other STDs.


Collect the pertinent information to make proper evaluations for disease control. This lightweight and secure system makes it easy to meet CDC requirements for submitting HIV Testing data.


Explore your data quickly with our on-the-fly report writer. This advanced, yet easy-to-use reporting tool is integrated right into the software for maximum convenience.

The Luther Consulting Culture

Work-life balance is our priority. We understand the importance of doing what's needed for ourselves so we're better prepared to serve our customers and our community.

Our Mission

We're committed to promoting a better society by developing software that enables those from the community to the federal level make well-informed policy and program decisions.


We work hard. We play hard. People notice. Our friendly staff and flexible environment have been honored with statewide and nationally recognized accolades.


We've always encouraged working from home when needed. Now more than ever, we emphasize staying safe at home while still maintaining relationships with colleagues.