Careers at Luther Consulting

Systems Administrator

Due to a promotion, we have one position open for a Systems Administrator. We are seeking an individual to assist us in the following areas:

IT Services

  • Install, configure, optimize, and support operating systems (Windows, Unix, VMWare, etc.) and applications
  • Install, test, and document security patches
  • Preserve assets by implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures and information security and control structures
  • Set up and configure production and corporate computer/servers (both physical and virtual), software, and peripherals
  • Coordinate timely repair and support of computer equipment and software covered by third-party vendor maintenance agreements
  • Perform minor hardware/software repair for computer equipment and peripherals that are not covered by third-party vendor maintenance agreements


  • Provide scripts and routines as needed for enhancing and automating administrative applications monitoring and management
  • Provide scripts that automate routine tasks

Internal Support

  • Provide technical support to systems administrators, database administrators, and network engineers as necessary to resolve problems
  • Monitor the performance of systems, services, and the network. Note trends and initiate action when necessary
  • Diagnose and resolve network, PC, printer, e-mail, and Internet problems

Non-Technical Skills / Characteristics

  • Ability to communicate with internal and external customers and vendors who have varying levels of understanding of IT services, including software development, quality assurance, technical support, training, and management
  • Manage work on multiple concurrent projects
  • Understanding of general IT security protocols
  • Any IT Security experience in a government setting is a plus


Bachelor's degree or better in Information Technology or related field preferred.

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