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Software Engineer

We have an opening for a full-time position on our Back End Development team. Our current development efforts are focused on a new product which is based on OrientDB graph database, REST API, Java, HTML5, Backbone, JavaScript and jQuery. Our existing systems use Adobe Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion and we are moving those applications over to Java, HTML5 and jQuery. We use MS SQL Server Enterprise for database backend for our current applications. We utilize the Scrum development process and currently have two scrum teams. Upcoming challenges for us include developing advanced reporting services to run on a graph database; parsing, importing, exporting and matching existing data with incoming HL7 health data; integrating with third party services including government provided authentication methods (Computer Associates’ Federation); developing search algorithms for encrypted data in a graph database; developing REST based endpoints; and optimizing Tomcat 8.

Our applications focus on data collection as well as data visualization, presentation, and reporting. What’s fun and challenging in the area we work is that our customers vary from small community organizations to researchers at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Figuring out how to have data make sense to the various groups so that they can use the data to plan programs and prevent the spread of disease is very challenging. It’s also rewarding knowing we’re helping our customers and our community. Our customers are really cool people who are very patient, but have very complex needs. We foresee increased focus on developing novel ways for users to interact with the data collected by our systems.

  • Applicants need to have significant Java development experience and should be familiar with the Java package build and deployment process (we use Apache Maven).
  • Applicants need to have intermediate understanding of SQL and we would be delighted if applicants also have experience with any graph database.
  • We would prefer applicants who have utilized source control management tools in their development efforts (we use Mercurial) and who have experience writing, running and maintaining unit and integration tests.
  • While this position is focused on backend (database) development, we would prefer applicants who are at least versed in current front-end technologies and how they work with JSON, AJAX and Web Services.
  • Please note that although we provide a flexible work schedule, this is not a full telecommute position.
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