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EvaluationWeb® Version 7

The simple solution to data collection and reporting

We've been working hard to bring you an updated software package that will make your data collection and reporting experience simple and straightforward.

EvaluationWeb® Version 7 organizes the layers of data collection into one cohesive process to help you fill in the blanks between testing and Partner Services. No more having to re-key information from an HIV test for Partner Services — now you can link tests to a named client record for conducting Partner Services activities.

It’s a job saver. My time collecting data has been cut in half.
State Health Department Administrator

We've also been busy developing Aphirm®, which takes EvaluationWeb to the next level. It offers name-based HIV testing with linking to Partner Services, allowing you to conduct named HIV (and other STD) testing to help reduce duplicate data entry and de-duplicate your data. We can also customize Aphirm for your needs with specialized modules and more. Click here to learn more about Aphirm.


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