Careers at Luther Consulting

We offer a very flexible work environment. Staff members work very hard, but the goal is to keep work and life balanced. Our style is more of a family-owned business where we all look out for one another, rather than a place where we only do the minimum necessary to get a paycheck, or a large corporation where the focus is on pleasing investors. It's unusual to work more than 40 hours per week — if we do, it’s because of a large update or similar project — but it’s not the norm.

Because we use the Scrum process, we value individuals who are good at independent problem solving but view software development as a team sport. Our team members ask for help from colleagues when they need it, and volunteer to help when they see that a job needs to be done. We all learn from each other to produce quality software for our users.

Laughter is commonplace; big egos are not. Dogs often join us during the work day to encourage us (and beg for treats). Employees tell us they love working at Luther Consulting because of the friendly and flexible environment. Child home because schools are closed today? Water heater flooded your basement? Need to take your grandmother to the doctor or your cat to the vet? Hey, it's life. We get it — go take care of it. It's not PTO and it’s not vacation.

Our full-time positions include competitive salary (commensurate with experience) and come with a comprehensive benefit package which includes:

  • Group Health Insurance — employee and dependent children premium 100% employer paid.
  • Group Dental Coverage — employee and dependent children premium 100% employer paid.
  • Group Vision Coverage — employee and dependent children premium 100% employer paid.
  • Group Life Insurance — Basic, Dependent, and additional available; Basic is 100% paid by employer ($50,000 coverage). Additional coverage may be purchased.
  • Group Short and Long Term disability is 100% paid by employer.
  • 401k — A Safe Harbor plan is offered with a match of 100% for the first 4% deferred. 401k participation eligibility begins after one year of employment.
  • Unlimited personal time policy
  • Vacation — Minimum 2 weeks upon hire (additional based on level of experience) plus 1 day per year of employment up to a total of 4 weeks. Employees may also purchase 1 week of vacation to be used annually.
  • Supplemental Insurance — a wide variety of offerings such as AFLAC, term life, whole life, universal life, and pre-paid legal. These are individual policies that are funded by the employee and can be payroll deducted.