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Luther Consulting named the #1 Best Place to Work among small businesses in Indiana for 2016

Indiana Chamber of Commerce ranked Luther Consulting first out of 48 small business finalists in the state. As the winning company, we were featured in the Chamber's magazine, BizVoice.

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Luther Consulting named one of six When Work Works award winners in Indiana for 2016

The Society for Human Resource Management and the Families and Work Institute annouced that Luther Consulting is a recipient of the 2016 When Work Works Award. This nationally recognized award features a rigorous selection process, which focuses on attributes that have been proven to generate a positive atmosphere for employers and employees alike.

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Working at Luther Consulting

We offer a very flexible work environment both in terms of roles and schedules. Our staff members work very hard, but our goal is to keep work and life balanced. Luther Consulting employees say they love working here because of this environment. Child home because schools are closed today? Water heater flooded your basement? Need to take your grandmother to the doctor or dog to the vet? Hey, it's life. We get it—go take care of it. You won’t need to use PTO or vacation time.

Our team members must be able to work independently, ask for help from colleagues when they need it, and volunteer to help when they see that a job needs to be done. We’re a family-owned business where we all look out for one another and try to do some good in the world, rather than a place where we only do the minimum necessary or focus on pleasing shareholders or venture capitalists. It is unusual to work more than 40 hours per week, and when we do it’s because of a large update or similar project.

Laughter is commonplace—big egos are not. Two vibrant black Labs, Milo and Otis, and a sweetheart golden Lab, Mercedes, often join us during the workday to encourage us and beg for treats. Many Friday afternoons feature fresh baked cookies from the office kitchen.

Our full-time positions include competitive salary commensurate with experience, and a comprehensive benefits program.