A new approach to public health data collection

Aphirm® is a client-centered, name-based public health software system that consolidates disparate data sets into one centralized location. It provides the features of EvaluationWeb® and PartnerServicesWeb®, but also works across systems to handle data for multiple disease types and services. Aphirm allows users to focus on innovative reporting and research, rather than worry about the integrity of their data.

Aphirm utilizes the robust infrastructure of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise while presenting a fast, lightweight HTML5 interface that can be accessed anywhere you have the internet. Because of the flexibility of the platform on which Aphirm is built, we can easily add specialized modules. Some possibilities we envision:

  • Monitor and evaluate PrEP medication adherence
  • Collect client intake information on a tablet at your local clinic
  • Collect outreach data from any location via cell phone
  • Collect ILI and GLI attendance via text message from client
  • Stay in touch with specific clients via secure text message
  • Record locations of drug use hot spots using geolocation with the tap of a button

Have other ideas? We'd love to hear them!

Please note that features found in Aphirm may require a contract modification or a separate contract.